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Reolink 5MP Security Camera Review


Reolink 5MP Security Security Camera: Conclusion

So, the new 5MP brings Reolink to a new level of image quality. I was quite happy with the images from my 411WS with its 4-megapixel sensor (2560 x 1440), but wow - the 5-megapixel sensor opens you up to 3072 x 1728 resolution, and that is a significant step up. Bigger is better, right? Well, yes - but the roughly 30% increase in resolution means a fair amount of additional data can be streaming through your network, and if you have an older or inadequate network, then the extra data load may slow you down a bit. Add a few 5MP cameras to your system and you may soon be in the market for a nice network upgrade.

But you were probably about ready for one anyway, right? Before I started putting together my home security system, I went through my home network and decided it was time for an upgrade. I went with the Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream™ AC5400 MU-MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi Router. It is a real beast and has proven that it can handle all of my home network needs, which now includes five Reolink cameras.

It is no surprise that the 5MP follows through with the same quality of fit and finish as the other Reolink cameras I have reviewed. And with the app and client software you can download from the Reolink website, the set up is fast and easy. The other thing that I like about Reolink is the regular updates to the firmware and apps. That tells me that it is paying attention to customer feedback and making the necessary changes to keep things running smoothly.

I have not seen any official pricing yet, but I would expect the PoE version to be around the $100 to $125 range. If there is a WiFi version in the future, you could probably add a few more bucks to the price. So, keep watching the Reolink website for the release of the 5MP security camera!




  • Easy set up
  • Excellent  picture quality with the 5-megapixel sensor (3072 x 1728)
  • 4X optical zoom
  • Night vision up to 100 feet
  • Ability to upload captured images and video to an FTP server



  • Extra resolution could stress bandwidth on an old or inadequate network
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