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Reolink 5MP Security Camera Review


Reolink 5MP Security Camera Closer Look: 

The set up for the 5MP is essentially the same as with the 411WS, with the exception of the WiFi part since the 5MP is not wireless. Reolink did a nice job with the client software interface and mobile app. The client software can be downloaded to your PC or Mac, and the app can be downloaded to your Apple or Android phone. The setup is straightforward - plug in the Ethernet cable, scan the code sticker on the camera, connect to your WiFi (if you have a WiFi camera), and you are on your way. It took less than half an hour from the time I opened the box to watching a live view on my phone. This is, of course, a good time to evaluate your home network and WiFi. When you add devices, you want to make sure your router is up to the task.



The Device Settings are easily accessed from within the PC app and allow for control over the camera functions. Anything you need to set up or adjust can be found here. For example, you set up the area for motion detection, then you adjust the sensitivity, and finally the schedule for when the motion detection is active. It takes a little trial and error when you are setting up the motion detection, and it helps to have another person to test the setup. If you use multiple cameras, each one will be set up and controlled independently. The installation is simple and really the hardest part is making sure you have access to an electrical outlet if you don't have an NVR.

So, now it is time to evaluate the image capabilities of the 5MP. The 5MP and the 411WS were mounted in the same spot to get images from the same relative position, which was about 13 feet above the ground. Below is an image captured with the 5MP. At the lower right is the resolution (3072x1728), and the smaller area shaded in red is the image size you would capture with a 4MP camera (2560x1440). Clearly, the 5MP captures a much larger image.


The next images compare the daytime and nighttime images. First, we start with the images from the 411WS, the 4-megapixel camera.  These are, of course, quite clear.



And now we have the day and night images from the 5MP. It may not seem obvious at first, but if you study the photos, you can see the wider field of view that the 5MP has.  The difference in resolution amounts to about a 30% increase in pixels by using a 5-megapixel sensor over the 4-megapixel sensor.



The mechanical zoom on both cameras is amazing - the picture on the left is fully zoomed in with the 5MP camera and the picture on the right is fully zoomed in with the 411WS. This gives you an idea of what sort of range to expect with the 5MP.  Obviously, it is able to capture a much closer image.


  1. Reolink 5MP Security Camera: Introduction & Closer Look
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