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Remember Me Review


Remember Me

I see a lot of people knocking the game for not being open-world, like all of a sudden there's no place for linear, story-driven games. As I've repeatedly said, I do wish I could explore more of Neo-Paris, but like the memory remixes, it's to DONTNOD's credit that the studio has made a world I wanted to delve into deeper. While I enjoy games with more freedom, including but not limited to open-world games, I still enjoy structured linear experiences. Remember Me was never advertised as an open-world game.

If you're looking for a linear, story-driven action-adventure game, Remember Me is a solid choice. Its structure is extremely rigid, not allowing for any exploration or player choice, but its setting and story are engaging and Nilin is an easy character to relate to, despite her badassitude. Nilin is the near-future version of Lara Croft – strong, intelligent, and nimble with some advanced technology to make life slightly easier. Because she's not sexualized – and has smaller, more natural breasts – she also happens to be a better role model for girls, though the combat-heavy nature of the game may cause girls to steer clear.

If DONTNOD decides to make a follow-up game, whether it be a prequel or sequel, I hope they consider making it open-world, but my desire to explore more of Neo-Paris should be viewed as a positive, not a negative. I cannot fault a developer for failing to deliver something that was never promised. I can just hope that the studio's next game is bigger and better, whatever it may be. Remember Me was a great first effort and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game.



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