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Remember Me Review


Remember Me

From a technical standpoint, Remember Me runs smoothly and looks beautiful. When you enter new areas, the camera zooms out to give you a nice panoramic view. The soundtrack is also quite good and the voice acting was more than acceptable – not quite on the Batman: Arkham level, but better than most games. The movement and combat is also surprisingly easy to use and master with a keyboard and mouse. The reason why this was surprising to me is because when I first fired up the game, the very first thing I noticed was the lack of a mouse cursor in the menus. The menus were controllable with a mouse, but without an actual cursor, it felt awkward and didn't provide a very good first impression. I thought for sure this would be a horrible port, but I was thankfully proven wrong. That being said, the controls during memory remixes are a bit odd, having you move your mouse in a circular manner to rewind or fast-forward. I got used to it rather quickly, but it was quite jarring at first to the point where I didn't even understand what the in-game prompt was telling me to do.







There are really only two negatives in the game. The first is that boss fights are capped by quick time events (QTEs), something I absolutely loathe. The only saving grace is that if you fail a QTE, the boss fight simply continues on (the boss usually smacks you to the ground), with you requiring one more blow before engaging in the QTE once again with the same exact pattern. The fact that the pattern isn't randomized was a huge relief, especially since I often missed a keystroke while taking a screenshot at an inopportune time... oops.

The other negative is that the game is short – I beat the game in roughly ten hours. That being said, unlike Blood Dragon, I missed quite a few hidden objects. The game claims 87% completion, but I missed 55 hidden objects spread out between SAT Patches, Focus Boosts, Mnesist Memories, and Scaramechs. Thankfully, the game tells you how many of each you have left to find in each episode, and you can either load up an individual episode or replay the story again with your previous unlocks (basically a New Game Plus mode). The game offers three difficulties: Script Kiddie (easy), Errorist Agent (normal), and Memory Hunter (hard). Knowing about the "New Game Plus" mode, I chose Errorist Agent for my first playthrough and Memory Hunter for my second playthrough. The combat the second time around definitely took longer, but I don't know if that's attributed to it being the second playthrough, the harder difficulty, or both.


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