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Remember Me Review


Remember Me

If Neo-Paris is the star of Remember Me, the memory remixes are its scene-stealing co-star. Memory hunters are able to steal memories, but what makes Nilin the very best is that she can actually change them. While DONTNOD has done its best to make the platforming and combat elements of Remember Me feel as unique as possible, it is the memory remixing that really sets the game apart. Memory remixes are exceptionally done. When you first enter someone's head, the scene starts to form like building blocks coming together. You then watch the memory unfold as it actually occurred and when it ends, you're asked to change the outcome. You are now able to rewind and fast forward as much as you want, searching for memory glitches. Memory glitches are elements in the memory you can interact with and they flicker briefly for the split second they can be accessed. You can change as many as you want and then watch the effect. There is only one solution for each remix, but you're never penalized for selecting the wrong glitches – you're actually rewarded. Each change, no matter how minor, affects how the memory plays out, which can result in some interesting scenes.

Going into the game, I thought the memory remixes would play a huge role. It was one of the first things shown off when the game was unveiled and it is what sets Remember Me apart from the crowd. They do play a huge role in terms of pushing the narrative forward, but I'm disappointed to report that there are only four. In a sense, this could be seen as a good thing because it prevented it from being overdone or feeling like a gimmick. Each memory remix felt unique and important. But most of all, they were emotionally engaging. Affecting someone's memory caused drastic changes in their life and they were believable. You really felt like you were messing with someone's life. It's to DONTNOD's credit that I wanted more of them, so I guess it's not fair to knock the game for only featuring four.





The other memory-related gameplay element is Remembranes. Remembranes are memories that Nilin can view in a holographic manner within the environment. Remembranes are used to expand some story elements, show the safe path through a minefield, and solve some riddles. The riddles are not overly difficult, but do require you to think. They have a bit of an adventure game feel, but thankfully they're fully logical. From a visual standpoint, they're pretty cool, but from a gameplay standpoint, they're merely filler between larger set pieces. Still, it was a decent change of pace.



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