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Remember Me Review


Remember Me

Alongside your combos are Special Pressens, or S-Pressens. They are introduced to you one at a time throughout the game, typically when you encounter a new type of enemy for the first time, as each of them has a very specific usefulness to them. For example, the first one you gain is Sensen Fury, which allows you to engage in free-flow combat for a short amount of time, jumping from enemy to enemy and dealing increased damage with each blow. As you may surmise, it has a very similar feel to the combat in the Batman: Arkham games. Later ones include: Sensen DOS, for stunning enemies and revealing invisible ones; Logic Bomb, which explodes, dealing heavy damage to all enemies caught in its blast radius and destroying shields; Rust In Pieces, which converts a single robot to your side before self-destructing; and Sensen Camo, which turns Nilin invisible for up to 30 seconds and allows you to insta-overload (insta-kill) an enemy from behind.











Whereas in many games that offer different abilities, players tend to lean toward one or two, in Remember Me you will certainly be utilizing all five S-Pressens during the campaign, as they each provide different benefits. Each one has its own separate cooldown and utilize one chunk of Focus apiece. You gain Focus by landing hits or getting hit, but you initially only start with one chunk unless you discover hidden Focus Boosts. Every five Focus Boosts you pick up grants you an additional chunk and there are 15 total hidden in the world, allowing you to eventually be able to store up to four full Focus chunks. Similarly, there are up to 25 SAT Patches hidden throughout the world, with every five granting you an additional Life Chunk to your health gauge. You start off with five Life Chunks, so you can ultimately end up with ten.




If all this doesn't sound like enough variety, there's one more tool at your disposal – the Spammer. You obtain the Spammer after defeating the game's first boss, Kid X-Mas (he's been shown in trailers, so shouldn't be a spoiler at this point). The Spammer is an attachment to your glove that allows you to shoot out energy blasts. Aside from some of the S-Pressens, it's also the only way to damage robot enemies and an eventual upgrade allows you to destroy enemy shields. To shoot the Spammer, you simply hold Left Shift to aim it (it uses locked-on targeting, not free-aiming) and then left-click for small bursts or right-click to expel all its energy into one heavy blast. The orange crescent in the inner-half of the bottom-left HUD circle is the Spammer's energy gauge, which regenerates fairly quickly when not in use. The Spammer is also used extensively in non-combat situations – to open doors, destroy structural weaknesses in buildings, remotely move certain devices like shutters, and even to "pick locks" in a rather unique digital way I won't spoil.




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