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Remember Me Review


Remember Me

A lot of the choices Nilin makes is to kill a bunch of people. And maybe the worst offense you can say about Nilin is that she doesn't seem to bat an eye at doing so. Maybe the fact that she's clearly been trained in combat has her believe that she is meant to kill. Of course it is arguable that she never actually kills any human enemy, but rather just knocks them unconscious. Either way, combat is unavoidable, with the game frequently ushering you into a locked-off area, unable to escape until you dispatch every last enemy. You'll be battling the aforementioned Leapers, armored human security detail (S.A.B.R.E. Force), and robots. There are several different types of each with unique characteristics in addition to bosses (and mini-bosses) that provide even further twists. Combat is simplistic, yet engaging, though it does get repetitive in the same way it does in the Batman: Arkham games. But thankfully, I never got bored by it. The number of options available to you are also thankfully more in line with Arkham City than Arkham Asylum.








Your basic combat boils down to just three buttons: left click to punch, right click to kick, and space bar to dodge, which includes somersaulting away or vaulting an enemy. The artistry of the combat comes in the combos you can form in the aptly named Combo Lab. As you progress in the game, you unlock a variety of Pressens (combat moves) that come in four flavors: Power, Regen, Cooldown, and Chain. Power Pressens deal extra damage and trigger finishing moves; Regen Pressens regenerate health on hit, but deal low damage; Cooldown Pressens reduce the cooldowns of all S-Pressens (more on that in a bit), but deal low damage; and Chain Pressens duplicate the previous Pressen and double its effect, making for some insane combos.




There are seven of each type for a total of 28 different Pressens (three of which are pre-order exclusives), but they're only performed when placed into combos and executed properly. Eventually you'll gain access to four combos: 3-move, 5-move, 6-move, and 8-move. Each combo is always executed in the same way, but the Pressens you place in them determine how much damage, regeneration, and cooldown occurs, plus the aesthetic look of each combat move. The 3-move combo is Punch-Punch-Punch, 5-move is Kick-Punch-Kick-Punch-Kick, 6-move is Punch-Kick-Kick-Punch-Kick-Kick, and 8-move is Kick-Kick-Kick-Punch-Punch-Punch-Punch-Kick. You get bonus experience when pulling off a complete 6-move or 8-move combo, but you don't always have the time to do so, whether it be because another enemy attacks you or your target dies before you finish. Whenever you perform the first combat move, a handy combo tracker appears at the bottom of the screen so you know whether you're landing the appropriate hits at the proper time – if not, it'll just reset. Thankfully, the combo system is rather generous with the timing and actually allows you to perform a dodge in the middle of a combo as long as you land the next hit immediately after.




The experience you gain is called PMP, or Procedural Mastering Points. The sole purpose of PMP is to unlock new Pressens. Whenever you reach a "PMP threshold", you are able to unlock one new Pressen, though not all are available to be unlocked right away. I wish I could tell you how or why certain Pressens become available or not, but I have no idea. It made sense when the game didn't introduce me to a certain type yet, but once I had all four types available to me, I didn't quite understand why some were still hidden and unavailable. Even by the time I completed the game, I still had two "question marks" in my list of Pressens with no message as to why those were still unavailable. Did I not find enough secrets? Do they only become available if I attain a certain achievement? Your guess is as good as mine… but I digress.



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