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Remember Me Review

Price: $49.99

Remember Me

Remember Me is a far cry (pun intended) from my previous review. Whereas Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a bargain-priced, open-world, first-person shooter that takes no more than ten hours to complete in its entirety, Remember Me is a linear, third-person, action-adventure game. I naturally went into Remember Me expecting a deeper experience, but also hoping for a longer one, due to the AAA price tag.

While I was excited to finally get my hands on Remember Me after watching numerous gameplay videos, I had my trepidations. After all, it's a brand new IP developed by a completely unknown French developer, DONTNOD. It was also a project originally called Adrift, which was canceled in February 2011 before Capcom purchased it and funded its further development. And speaking of Capcom; that's a company that has had more downs than ups in recent years, arguably dwarfed by only Electronic Arts.

Maybe it's no wonder Capcom avoided the hype train that is E3, opting instead to unveil Remember Me at the 2012 Gamescom months later. Probably smart considering its shared similarities with Watch Dogs, another third-person, action-adventure game that was generally viewed as best in show (indeed, it was my winner). But Remember Me has the advantage of hitting the market first, so here we are. None of the history really matters now that the game is released, so hype and trepidations aside, let's get on with it.



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