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Reeven Steropes RC-1206 Review


Reeven Steropes RC-1206 Conclusion:

The Steropes RC-1206 is a low-profile cooler aimed at limited space, which is what you find in small form factor gaming or HTPC (Home Theater PC) systems. You want perfomance a notch or two over stock, but you just can't squeeze in a cooler that fills the case and makes everything inaccessible. Being that the Steropes is a small, low-profile cooler, it is not reasonable to expect it to perform on the same level as a large bulky cooler with large fans. Hardcore gamers building high dollar systems will likely opt for something like the Noctua D15 or perhaps a water cooling solution.

The Steropes fills a different niche that is defined more by space constraints than by overall capacity. So I have to look at it from a different perspective, which is for its targeted use, and not simply turn up the heat and walk away. And of course, most HTPC systems are not driven to the thermal limits like some gaming systems are. So with that in mind, you have to consider that for its intended use, it would be right at home in a small system that doesn't see the high temperaturess associated with constant, heavy CPU loads or overclocking. Some would say it is all about "the right tool for the job."

So, would I use the Steropes for heavy gaming, or overclocking? Probably not, as there are better choices out there, and Reeven has a handful of larger tower-style coolers for just that purpose. But if I am building an HTPC based on a mini ITX system, then it would definitely be on the short list. The installation was quick and simple, and it was quiet when the fan was cranked up. The build quality is at the high-end, and even though it is a small cooler, it doesn't come across as cheap.

If you're thinking about an air cooling solution that looks good and is right at home is a small form factor build, then you should take a look at the Reeven Steropes RC-1206. Pricing is in the $41 to $45 range.



  • Quiet operation
  • Compact 60mm height
  • Smooth installation
  • AMD & Intel socket compatibility
  • Memory clearance



  • Load and overclocking temps are high


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