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Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller Review


Reeven Six-Eyes II Conclusion:

How to wrap this up? Reeven is a newer player in the cooling space. Previously, OCC has review a pair of coolers from Reeven (the Ouranos and the Okeanos) and both stood with the best of the best. Having been through quite a few fan controllers over the years, I have to say that Reeven has stepped up to the plate quite well with the Six-Eyes II just the same. The combination of build quality, a great feature set, and good pricing really drives home the fact that Reeven is an up and coming player in the market.

For less than $40 you get customizable temperature warnings, six temperature probes, six controller channels, six independent displays with RPM readouts, seven choices for LCD screen color, and hideaway knobs to keep your settings in place once you dial them in. Additionally, the LCD screens are viewable from essentially any angle, which is something that most LCD screens tend to fail at (especially from above plane). The sleeved cables at this point are just another bonus on top of the already great value. If you need a 5.25" bay fan controller, you need the Reeven Six-Eyes II!



  • 30 watts per channel
  • Super smooth fan adjustment
  • Sleeved cables
  • Temperature controls and alarm
  • Seven color choices!
  • Low cost



  • Manual adjustment, but alarms mitigate forgetting to turn fans on

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