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Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller Review


Reeven Six-Eyes II Testing:

Testing the Reeven Six-Eyes II fan controller required using it in my normal routines. These routines include gaming, working, and general internet surfing. These various activities allow me to become familiar with how well the fan controller works for various situations and configurations. With six fan connections and the ability to handle 30 watts per channel I decided to test the controller on my personal rig rather than the usual test rig. My everyday machine is custom watercooled; six 120mm medium speed Yate Loon fans are on the radiator, a 140mm Corsair AF140 Quiet sits at the rear of the case, a 120mm Corsair AF120 Performance sits at the bottom, and a pair of 200mm Coolermaster fans sit on the front and side panels. At full tilt, all of them are noisy, so let's see how the Six-Eyes II can keep them tamed!


Testing Setup:


Fan Configuration:



You'll notice that more than six fans are listed above, that's because I wanted to really test the limits of the Reeven Six-Eyes II. I installed a pair of Yate Loons on each of the first three channels, a pair of the CoolerMaster fans on the fourth channel, and individually wired the Corsair fans on the last two. Although this isn't approaching the 30 watt per channel limits of the controller, it is more of a load than most will install.

The Six-Eyes II is as easy to adjust as any fan controller, if not more so, because of the RPM displays for each channel. Matching up sets of channels will likely drive those with a bit of OCD insane, but it is very easy to adjust multiple channels to within a few tens of RPM. The ability to totally turn off fans was something I tested on the fans for my radiator just to see if fan-less operation was possible, and sure enough, it was perfectly adequate for light loads. Once the action heated up in games, however, temperatures got high enough that I wanted the fans running. Thankfully, the adjustable temperature alarm allowed me to have the unit beep at me if I forgot to turn the fans on before firing up a game. All in all a great performance!

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