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Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller Review


Reeven Six-Eyes II Closer Look:

Up close the Reeven Six-Eyes II is quite handsome. The chassis is 100% black plastic with various levels of texture. Each of the six displays is pure black when not powered and the six fan nobs sit flush with the face-plate. There's a bit of a mesh finish in the plastic around the border of the controller, which looks quite nice and feels at home on the front of a gaming case. Spinning around to the rear of the controller, we're welcomed by six 3-pin fan outputs, the 4-pin power input, six temperature probe inputs, the Celsius and Fahrenheit selector, and two sets of dip switches. Configurability is definitely not something Reeven forgot! The two sets of dip switches provide settings for the over-temp alarm and for the LCD screen color selection. That's right, color selection!



With three dip switches dedicated to color, the Six-Eyes II allows for seven different color settings for the front panel screens (including the final setting of no lighting). Scrolling through the various options reveals blood red, pale yellow, cool white, turquoise, cobalt blue, apple green, and magenta. These colors are hard to catch on camera, but the color saturation is extremely good and the screens are easy to read from any angle. You'll also notice that each screen displays the current fan RPM and that the dials to adjust the fans pop out when needed. Every fan hooked up in the following pictures is identical and rated at 2600 RPM. For the sake of showing the adjustability, I set the first two at maximum speed, the next two at about 2000 RPM, and the last two at around 1500 RPM.





Another interesting ability for the Six-Eyes II is that it can actually shut fans off. If you turn the dial down all the way the display will show "OFF" instead of an RPM reading. Hooking up a multimeter reveals that the controller still outputs a little under two volts at the lowest setting. This is low enough to not cause heat issues in non-spinning fans.


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