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Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller Review

Price: $39.95

Reeven Six-Eyes II Introduction:

"What's that? I can't hear you! My fans are too loud!" Okay, there we go, I shut my computer off. One thing that really bothers a lot of people is how loud their computer is when they equip it with high-performance fans for optimum cooling. Various methods exist to tame the cooling beast when it is not needed to its full extent. Today, we'll be taking a look at the simplest of them all, a fan controller. Reeven isn't exactly a household name in cooling, but it is a rising star in terms of affordable cooling products. There is a long list of competitors in this space, but Reeven thinks it got something new to bring to the table!

Today, Reeven has offered up its extremely versatile Reeven Six-Eyes II, an evolution of the original Six-Eyes fan controller. While the name "Six-Eyes" ushers up memories of a childhood wearing glasses, the name here is appropriate; the Six-Eyes II has six separate LCD screens and six independent fan controls. In addition to that, each screen also hosts a dedicated temperature readout with independent configurable alarms. The last feature I'll save for page two, but don't go skipping through yet!


Reeven Six-Eyes II Closer Look:

Before we go delving into the details of how the controller works, let's take a step back and view the packaging. Reeven has adorned the Six-Eyes II with a black and red box with the actual name of the product in gold. Attractive, don't you think? The power rating for each of the six channels is boldly stated at 30 Watts across the top of the box, as is the support for 3 and 4-pin fans. Oddly enough, when turning the box over, I was greeted with a multitude of lines (in two languages) all detailing why you shouldn't stick your fingers into running fans, read the manual, and to not touch hot things (no, I'm not kidding). The base of the box has a quick glance at the specifications (detailed more on page three) in seven languages.



Moving on to the interior of the box, where the interesting bits are, we are first greeted with the sight of the user manual along with a large mass of cables. Remember that the Six-Eyes II has six screens for six fans and six temperature probes? That's a lot of cables. One of the nice features not often seen at lower prices points is that every single cable is sleeved quite nicely in black mesh. Every. Single. Cable. Even the single molex to 4-pin floppy adapter for the power input is sleeved nicely with black heat-shrink at each end. Bravo Reeven! Also included in the bundle is a set of screws and six yellow strips of tape to hold down the temperature probes. Every one of the fan cables is capable of supporting both 3-pin and 4-pin fans as well.



Now aren't you waiting with baited breath to find out the last feature? Flip to the next page to find out!

  1. Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller: Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller: Specifications & Features
  4. Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller: Testing & Results
  5. Reeven Six-Eyes II Fan Controller: Conclusion
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