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Reeven RCCT-0901SP Review


Closer Look:

Looking at the Reeven RCCT CPU cooler, the first thing I noticed about it was its unique design, specifically its bent fin design. This is also called The Adjusted Air-Channel Structure design. The way it works is actually quite simple. As the fan intakes cold air, it passes along the three copper heatpipes and then forces any hot air, guiding it to the back of the cooler eventually escaping via the bent fins. In total there are 39 fins and inbetween are three copper heatpipes that meet at the base of the cooler. Installing the fan was also a piece of cake. Like other coolers out there, you simply need to hook the pins onto the fans edges, while the pins are neatly stored inbetween the cooler's fins.














The Reeven RCCT CPU cooler uses a special solution called "Heatpipe Direct Contact Solution". What this does, is that it allows the three copper heatpipes to come into contact with the IHS of the processor to rid the heat in a more efficient manner.


The fan itself looks really sleek. It’s a 92mm fan rated at 12V and comes with a four-pin connector. Two of the wires are used to power the fan - one for monitoring the fan speed, while the fourth wire is used as the fan controller so the motherboard of your choice can modulate the fan speed to maintain a set speed or CPU temperature. (While reviewing this cooler I used Speedfan 4.35 to test how loud the fan was at full speed). The maximum noise level is 31.07dBA. The blades are somewhat thick and are meant to increase the surface area for cooling.



The cooler is really compact and there was plenty of space between it and the memory slots. This of course will differ. All in all, installation was quick and easy. 


With the inspection out of the way, I’m eager to see how well this cooler will perform.

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