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Reeven RCCT-0901SP Review

Price: $33


Venturing off into the world of overclocking can mean serious business. In addition to the latest hardware, one also needs adequate cooling. Whether someone is overclocking their processor, video card, or RAM, heat will always be a common factor that comes into play. Let’s say you want to achieve a major overclock on your processor; well you’re going to need a heatsink capable of cooling it down to a certain extent where it becomes stable and safe. Now, if you want to just slightly overclock it, considering an aftermarket cooler is still recommended as it can extend the life of your CPU and prevent unstable jitters while using your computer. With that said, there is a new company out on the block that might have the cooler for you, Reeven! Reeven is a newly formed company established in 2008 in hopes of providing the best quality products out there. To sum up how serious Reeven is, here is a quote taken from the companies website "Tools for Professionals, The professionals never compromise the quality, the performance and its beauty".


Closer Look:

The packaging for the Reeven cooler is quite informative with details, specifications, and pictures. The front of the package shows a picture of the Reeven RCCT cooler in all its glory showcasing its 92mm fan and H.D.C.S. (Heatpipe Direct Contact Solution) copper base. The left side of the package shows the two main features of the cooler, one picture showing the H.D.C.S. base and the other picture explaining a design called “A.A.C.S” (Adjusted Air-Channel Structure). The opposite side of the package lists the specifications of the cooler in multiple languages. You can also see a picture informing you with the dimensions of the cooler. The back of the package has pictures showing you the universal socket clips (Socket 478, Socket 775, Socket AM2/AM2+/940/939/754).















Upon opening the package, is a unique enclosure that protects the heatpipes from any damage. Aside from that, the package did not come with any foam to house the cooler. Under the cooler was a box filled with accessories.



Inside the box was an installation manual, thermal compound, mounting clips, and four screws.


Now that we have the packaging and accessories out of the way, let's take a look at the main attraction!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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