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Reeven Justice RC-1204 Review


Reeven Justice RC-1204 Conclusion:

My experience with Reeven certainly leaves me with a positive feeling. I was not familiar with Reeven products, but the Justice RC-1204 gets the job done and looks great while doing it. So what do I like about it? To start, I like the size. It is not so massive that it smothers you motherboard. Nevertheless, it is large enough to handle the heat of a mild overclock, which is nice. Next is the way the fan attaches to the fin stack - I like the four plastic clips. Sometimes the usual metal clips can be a pain, but this new refreshing style of plastic clip gets my attention.

Installation of the Justice RC-1204 is fairly easy. The mounting strap that holds the cooler to the base is loose; meaning it is not attached to the base, like you find with many of the Noctua coolers. If you can lay your case / motherboard flat, then you won't really have any problems mounting the cooler to the base, but I do my cooler installs in my test system with the case upright, and gravity is not my friend. If your RAM is not topped off with tall heat spreaders, you will likely be able to populate all the DIMM slots. RAM with tall heat spreaders may prove to be a problem, so you will want to verify your RAM compatibility ahead of time.

So let's talk about performance. The RC-1204 can handle the thermal load of normal daily use - stock performance is just fine. Overclock and crank up the load, and the Reeven Justice RC-1204 steps up to the plate and knocks the heat out of your CPU. Reeven gives you great build quality to go along with the attractive styling. Pricing is yet to be released.

If you're thinking about an air cooling solution that looks good and can quietly handle the heat, then the Reeven Justice RC-1204 will handle the load.



  • Silent
  • Clean, attractive design
  • Clips included to add a second fan
  • Smooth installation
  • AMD & Intel socket compatibility


  • Memory clearance can be a problem
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