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Reeven Justice RC-1204 Review

Price: $54

Reeven Justice RC-1204 Introduction:

Two yerars ago, OCC reviewed the Hans RC-1205 and the Justice RC-1204, so when a couple of Reeven coolers with the same model numbers had arrived at my door, I thought that maybe there had been a mistake. But the boxes looked different, so something has changed, but what? While it is not unusual for a manufacturer to update a product to either freshen it up aesthetically or make some improvements, these changes are usually accompanied with something flashy like "new and improved" or "Version 2.0" on the box. That is not the case with these coolers, as there is no indication of a previous model. I made a quick visit to the website and saw that there is also an RC-1205(n) version, which has exposed copper heat pipes and that is the model I reviewed last year. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, has changed. This review covers the Justice RC-1204, as the Hans RC-1205 was covered in a previous review. The Justice is a bit larger than the Hans, so we will see how the larger size of the Justice affects the performance.

If you haven't heard of Reeven, it is somewhat of a newcomer to the computer component world, having formed in 2009. Since my initial review last year, Reeven has added several coolers, three cases, one new fan, and two fan controllers to its lineup - so things at Reeven seem to be busy. From the Reeven website: "REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products. REEVEN's product lines includes the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, Cooling Fans, Power Supply Units, PC Cases and many other items. the target of our products will be a wide range of audience under our philosophy 'Professional Quality Gears', for products that will withstand the highest demand."


Reeven Justice RC-1204 Closer Look:

The packaging for the Reeven Justice RC-1204 is fairly simple - an all white box with minimal coloring. All sides of the box are full of information and graphics. The front of the box shows a nice view of the bare cooler with no fan, along with the Intel and AMD socket coverage. You can see the six heat pipes spilling out from the bottom. Across the top of the box is the REEVEN logo and a brief listing of the features.




A better view of the front of the box shows the bare cooler (fan not attached) with the REEVEN logo on the top cover plate. The termination points of the heat pipes are decoratively capped off at the four corners. The rear of the box has a nice list of the specifications and some illustrations showing the basic dimensional information.



The sides show a nice shot of the cooler with the fan attached and three features listed: Easy to Use, Ø6mm x 6 Heat Pipes, and Dual Fans Attachable (it comes with one fan and clips if you want to add a second fan). Then we have a list of cautions that are (or at least should be) common sense. Don't let the kids play with it, don't use it on your lawn mower - well, seriously - safety first, right?



When the box is opened, first you see the hardware box on top. After you get the hardware box out of the way, then you can see the cooler. The general packaging seems minimal, but effective, and there is a foam pad at the bottom to protect the base of the cooler. The fan comes attached, so when you pull the cooler out of the box, the fan comes with it.



The hardware consists of mounting components for both AMD and Intel installations. The yellow fan clips look interesting and I am glad to seem them carried over from the model I reviewed last year. I really like those plastic clips much more than the standard metal wire clips. The thermal paste is in a clear plastic pouch rather than a syringe-style dispensing tube, and you also get a little wrench to assist with the assembly.



The instruction sheet is well illustrated with a full parts list, and is laid out with easy-to-follow assembly and installation steps.


  1. Reeven Justice RC-1204: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Reeven Justice RC-1204: Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Reeven Justice RC-1204: Specifications & Features
  4. Reeven Justice RC-1204 Testing: Setup & Results
  5. Reeven Justice RC-1204: Conclusion
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