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Reeven Brontes RC-1001 Review


Reeven Brontes RC-1001 Conclusion:

Small form factor gaming or HTPC (Home Theater PC) systems are gaining popularity. Do you want cooling performance better than stock for your system, but you are limited on space? You need a low profile cooler. Reeven currently offers two low profile coolers: the Steropes and the Brontes. We reviewed the Steropes not long ago, and today we wrap up the Brontes. Both coolers are similar, with the Brontes being a smaller cooler with a smaller fan. The Brontes struggled with a full load (non overclocked), and a brief attempt at overclocking was short lived due to high temps. Would a larger fan help? Maybe a higher fin density? Perhaps, but then you begin to increase size and cost.

Like the Steropes, the Brontes fills a different niche that is defined more by space constraints than by overall capacity. So again, I have to look at it from a different perspective, which is for its targeted use. Most HTPC systems are not driven to the thermal limits like some gaming systems are. Is the Brontes meant for the heat generated by heavy gaming, or overclocking? Probably not. There are better choices out there, and Reeven has a several larger tower-style coolers for just that purpose. There is of course always the AIO water cooled setup, but that will definitely cut into your budget, and even the AIO can be a challenge to fit in a small case.

The installation of the Brontes was quick and simple. Not that it matters, but the Brontes and Steropes share common installation hardware, which helps to keep costs down. It was quiet when the fan was cranked up. This is important for an HTPC system that is usually in a media center or out in the open. The Brontes is so light that you don't have to worry about stressing the motherboard like some large coolers can do. The build quality is very good, and with pricing in the $34 to $36 range, it won't kick you in the wallet.

If you are looking to build a small form factor system or an HTPC that requires a low profile cooler, take a look at the Reeven Brontes RC-1001.




  • Quiet operation
  • Compact 59mm height
  • Smooth installation
  • AMD & Intel socket compatibility
  • Memory clearance



  • Load and overclocking temps are high


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