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Reeven Brontes RC-1001 Review


Reeven Brontes RC-1001 Testing:

Testing of the Brontes RC-1001 will be accomplished by installing the cooler into the test system case, rather than a test bench. Most systems are built and mounted into a (relatively) sealed chassis, so this method will be used to generate the idle and load results to give a real world view as to the cooling performance one can expect, based on the test system listed below. Of course, your results may vary by several degrees due to case design, case fan placement, and ambient air temperature. The CPU load is generated by Prime 95 version 27.9 for a period of two hours, with a cooldown period of one hour after the computer has returned to an idle state. Then an overclock of 4.2 GHz is applied, and the system is retested. Real Temp 3.70 is used to log the temperatures with the highest and lowest averages across the four cores of the Core i7 4770K test CPU. Ambient temperatures are kept at 24 °C during the testing to minimize the effect of temperature variations. Each cooler is tested with the manufacturer-supplied thermal compound as delivered.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Coolers:









At idle, the Reeven Brontes RC-1001 keeps the 4770K CPU at 29 °C stock with the included fan, which is fine. With the CPU loaded, it doesn't take long for the temp to creep up to 95 °C, which is beyond my personal 90 °C limit. Now this is not really a surprise given the small size of the Brontes and I can't really fault it for that. I don't believe it was intended for regular duty pulling heat from a cranked up 4770K. Hitting 95°C leaves basically no room for overclock temps as we will see. I suspect that the next test may be a short one...

So, on to the overclocking. At idle we are at 32°C, which is again just fine, but when I initiated the load we immediately shot up to 97°C it made me a bit nervous, and it went up from there. I decided to stop the test before the CPU started to throttle itself, and before I could stop the test it briefly hit 100°C. No sense in anymore testing at that point. I was afraid the Kool-Aid man was going to pop through the side of my case!

Putting the Brontes on a 4770K is probably not the best hardware matchup. The Brontes is more at home in a small form factor system with a less powerful (cooler running) CPU. The Steropes had slightly cooler, but similar results. The Brontes and Steropes both push air down through the cooler and that tends to work against this cooler style when things get toasty. The hot air is ejected from the fin stack and gets pushed down to the motherboard and some of it certainly gets recirculated. A tower-style cooler has a better chance of pushing the hot air toward a rear case exhaust fan where it can be removed from the case. But you have the size of a tower cooler to deal with. So there is a clear trade-off between low-profile and capacity. Overclocking in a small case means you have to be careful when choosing the right CPU cooler. Now keep in mind that Reeven has many options to choose from that include several tower style coolers if you have the space.

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