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Red Faction 13 Years-Later Review



After thirteen years, how does Red Faction stand up? I would say it stands up well as an experience, but this is not exactly a game you are going to be dying to play. It is fun, enjoyable, and well designed, so definitely play it if you have it. There are certainly some modern games that are less enjoyable than this, but that is the limit of its staying power.

Red Faction is still a quality game, and that will always stand the test of time, but its age is showing. The artifacting of the graphics, the limited resolution options, and the short playtime all hurt it some, but if you are looking for a classic game that did gameplay right, this may be exactly what you are looking for.







  1. Red Faction Review: Introduction
  2. Red Faction Review: Graphics
  3. Red Faction Review: Story
  4. Red Faction Review: Gameplay
  5. Red Faction Review: Additional Game Play Images
  6. Red Faction Review: Conclusion
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