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Red Faction 13 Years-Later Review



Red Faction begins with your character, Parker, working in mines on Mars for the Ultor company. Because of Ultor's treatment of the miners and a mysterious plague, a miner rebellion called the Red Faction has formed, needing only a spark to start the fire. As you can expect, the spark happens just in front of you as a fellow miner and security guard get into a fight, and another guard shoots and kills the miner. By luck and/or skill, you are the only miner that manages to survive and escape that particular mine, which sets you on the path to become a hero to the rebellion.

For quite a bit of the game, you actually do not see others in the Red Faction, though some of its members do communicate with you. They assist you when you need it, but also give you orders, such as tracking down a particular executive who can answer questions about the plague. Eventually you will also hunt down a scientist and then have to face off against an army of mercenaries, who kill security and miners indiscriminately.








That is about all I can say without running into spoilers, and even if the game is thirteen years old, I would prefer to avoid them. After all, it may be new to a number of gamers. What I will say is that the story is somewhat predictable as it follows a formula you can find in many other games. It does fill out in its own ways nicely though, and sustains interest in it and the game as it takes you to a variety of locations. Coupled with the action of the gameplay, I found myself wanting to continue playing to reach the end. I suspect it will affect many of you the same way.


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