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Red Faction: Guerrilla 5 Years-Later Review



Red Faction: Guerrilla takes place fifty years after the original game, and throughout it you will find references to the earlier title. Sectors are named after heroes of the older titles, and the enemy of that game is also brought up multiple times. The largest reference to the game that started the franchise is the Earth Defense Force, or EDF.

At the end of the original game, the Red Faction called in the EDF to help them defeat the Ultor corporation. In the years following, the EDF built terraformers on Mars, making the surface habitable, but also became oppressors, like those they had helped kick out. Anyone suspected of being part of the Red Faction is hunted down and executed, along with those around them. Tools necessary for work that can be considered weapons are confiscated and used as evidence that someone seeks to harm the EDF.

The game starts with Alec Mason coming to Mars, hoping to start a new life as just an average person, doing a job, living their life. However, his brother, Dan, has become involved with the Red Faction. Soon after Alec gets some practice with his explosives and hammer, Dan is stopped by the EDF and killed. Alec soon finds the EDF searching his and his brother's home, where they find his explosive charges. He points out that as a mining engineer, he needs those charges for work and has permits. The EDF does not particularly care though, and things quickly escalate to the point of a gun being placed in Alec's face. That is when the Red Faction arrives and rescues him, so whether he likes it or not, Alec is now a member.


From this point on, Alec does just about whatever he is asked to do. This could be rescuing people, taking out an EDF base, or whatever else will weaken the EDF's control and enable the Red Faction to liberate the sector. As the Red Faction gains strength, the EDF grows more desperate and sends its great battleship, the Hydra, to Mars.

At first the ship's mission would seem to be to squash the Red Faction by intimidation or obliterating them from orbit, but really it has a different purpose. The nanoforge is an advanced piece of technology the marauders of Mars had been protecting, until you take it. The EDF want it and its great power, and if exterminating all life on Mars will get it for them, that is what they will do.

While the story of a rebellion standing up against a great enemy to end obsession is not exactly a new story by any means, Red Faction: Guerrilla does a good job telling it. It does its job of grabbing your interest pretty well, making you want to complete one campaign mission to get to the next.


Outside of the campaign missions, the story is not necessarily told much. Rescuing prisoners and defending safe houses fit into the story well, but do not necessarily add to it. The Jenkins missions, however, definitely do tell a story… a story of Jenkins' insanity.

These missions consist of riding around on the back of his heavily armed vehicle, firing rockets and trying to cause as much destruction as possible. Along the way Jenkins will compliment your handiwork and share his thoughts on everything. I do not want to spoil it for you, but rest assured that he is probably the weirdest character in the game.

Altogether the story is pretty good and does its job. It will hold your interest and motivate you to move forward, and probably give you a laugh or two every now and then. At the end of the day though, this is the story of a game focused more on its gameplay than anything. To put it another way, I sincerely doubt one would replay the game to re-experience the story because once you know it, you can move on to blowing things up again.

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