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Red Faction II 11 Years-Later Review



Is this eleven-year-old game one worth returning to? I would say no unless you just want to spend some time in something. Red Faction II simply fails to distinguish itself in any way today. The graphics are fine at best; the story is lacking and formulaic; and the gameplay is fun some of the time, but not all of the time. For that reason I cannot recommend adding it to your library.

Now if you end up adding Red Faction II to your library by purchasing a bundle or collection that includes it, feel free to play it. There is some enjoyment to be had from it. Just do not expect much from it.








  1. Red Faction II Review: Introduction
  2. Red Faction II Review: Graphics
  3. Red Faction II Review: Story
  4. Red Faction II Review: Gameplay
  5. Red Faction II Review: Additional Game Play Images
  6. Red Faction II Review: Conclusion
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