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Red Faction II 11 Years-Later Review



Even though Red Faction II is eleven years old, I am still going to refrain from giving any spoilers here. It may be new to someone, so why ruin it for them?

In Red Faction II you play as one soldier of a group who have been enhanced using nanotechnology. Originally these soldiers were part of an army, but after a coup, all of them were sentenced to be executed due to their great power and an autocrat's jealously of it. You and your team managed to escape this fate and now act as mercenaries employed by the Red Faction to aid in its rebellion.

As should be expected, there are twists, turns, betrayals, and revelations throughout the story, all fitting with the tropes of a plot shared by many games. On its own, that is not an issue, but the game also has a rather short campaign, so it does not truly expand away from the formula. You never really get the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labors or come to understand what sets the different groups in the game apart.



Due to the game's linear nature, you really do not get to explore much, but the story does bring you to many areas of the game's urban environment. This includes city streets and buildings, military bases, sewers, and even a cathedral and cemetery. By today's standards it is not much and can get repetitive, but there is some variety.

Sadly there is not much more to be said here. There is nothing too surprising to the story and nothing interesting enough to really grab you. That is not to say the story is bad, but just that there is little to say about it at all.

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