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Red Faction II 11 Years-Later Review



At eleven years old, you cannot realistically expect too much in terms of visuals, but that does not mean Red Faction II will not pleasantly surprise you. Objects are simple, as the polygon count looks to be orders of magnitude below more modern games.

Textures can also be somewhat ugly, but that is not true in general. Actually there are a number of places that the textures look okay, but you will not be able to escape at least some blurring. Considering the resolutions in mind when it was developed though, and compared to our modern monitors, it really isn't that bad. That, I suspect, is going to be the operative term to describe the graphics of Red Faction II; not bad.

The destruction physics are somewhat mixed by today's standards. Launch a grenade at a wall and it will blow a nice hole in it, but you can expect that hole to have sharp and flat edges, because that is what the engine could handle. Of course we can forgive that, but it can be annoying when shots may not leave much of a hole in a wall or the floor. Sometimes the hole is more than enough to get through, and other times you just know it is going to take at least one more shot.


Shooting glass, however, is pretty good. Shoot out a window and part of it will immediately shatter and fall away, while the other half hangs there for a bit before falling. It may not be very impressive, but I found it satisfying enough to shoot out every window I found.

I am going to skip giving my computer specs this time because I doubt anyone thinks that is really needed. The game ran flawlessly on my machine at 60 FPS and at my monitor's native 2048x1152 resolution. This was very pleasing to me as I suspect there are some equally old games that will not run so well on modern computers, due to changes in hardware and software.

I do wish I could say more about the graphics, but there is just not that much to say about them. They still work well and give you what information you need. They do not look that bad for their age, but you are never going to escape the fact that they are eleven years old.


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