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Red Faction II 11 Years-Later Review

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Why is there a review of an eleven-year-old game? I suspect many of you are wondering that, and it is an understandable question. A great deal has changed in the past decade, with more powerful hardware and more capable software. Another change is that the publisher THQ is no more, and as part of its bankruptcy, its assets were auctioned off. Among these assets were many game franchises that the new owners need to decide what to do with, especially as some of these franchises were seemingly dead.

To help determine interest in the franchises it purchased, Nordic Games announced it will be releasing collections of two of them, including the Red Faction franchise. Having already reviewed Red Faction, we can now turn to Red Faction II. It may be worth noting that Red Faction II will only be included in the PC version of the franchise collection.

Red Faction II is an FPS that employs the Geo-Mod engine to allow you to destroy many of the buildings and structures around you. Being able to control the battlefield like that can prove invaluable as a tool to get up close to enemies, or find resources and alternative paths.

For violence, blood and gore, Red Faction II received a Mature rating from the ESRB. After more than a decade of cultural shifting, it would not surprise me if it would be given a lesser rating today. However, its rating is still that of M and so if this game's content is not appropriate for you, chances are this review is not either.

After eleven years, how well does the game hold up? Time to find out.


  1. Red Faction II Review: Introduction
  2. Red Faction II Review: Graphics
  3. Red Faction II Review: Story
  4. Red Faction II Review: Gameplay
  5. Red Faction II Review: Additional Game Play Images
  6. Red Faction II Review: Conclusion
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