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Razer Orochi, Naga & Imperator Review



Take a look at the original question that I had asked - are you looking for a new mouse that is going to meet your gaming needs? Well I think that one of the three mice here is going to hit what you are looking for in a mouse, be it a FPS gaming mouse, a mouse for RPGs, or even a mouse to use with your notebook/netbook while you are traveling around. I will start with the Orochi mouse - I liked how it was able to be used as either a wireless mouse using Bluetooth connectivity with your laptop or as a wired mouse to keep from running down the batteries. The downside of using it as a wireless mouse would have to be the weight, but that is a personal opinion, as I enjoy using a lighter mouse over a medium or heavy mouse. The 3G laser sensor on the Orochi only allowed the mouse to have up 4000DPI, which is fine for the everyday usage, but when it comes down to using it as a gaming mouse, you may notice a few performance hits if you are the type of person that likes to have your DPI settings cranked all the way up. The compact size was not very comfortable for a gaming session, but if you are just using it as a mouse for your laptop while you are traveling, it should not be a problem at all. The fact that the mouse has a total of seven customizable buttons does give it an edge in the mobile mice department and allows it to compete well with the other desktop gaming mice.

When it comes to the Naga, if you are a RPG gamer, you will absolutely love this mouse. You will have enough buttons on your mouse that you would be able to set most, if not all, of your more commonly used macros to the buttons on the mouse, allowing you to easily and quickly hit them, giving you an edge over the competition. I had very few complaints about the Naga. It is a lot different than I am used to and the height of the mouse does give it a bit of awkwardness for my liking, but it may just be due to the fact that I am used to a less aggressive gaming style mouse. The 3.5G laser sensor on the mouse does give it the 5600DPI maximum setting allowing you to have whatever speed is comfortable to you. The mouse was on the border of being too heavy for my taste, however it was actually a pleasure moving it around the mouse pad and did not give my wrist any troubles during my gaming sessions.

The Imperator gaming mouse from Razer was also a nice mouse for use during a FPS game - you aren't overwhelmed with too many buttons, but you are able to customize all seven buttons. The Imperator has a very light weight feel to it, which gives it an advantage, in my book, to the other two mice in the review, due to the fact that my wrist did not feel any resistance from the mouse as I was playing a FPS. Razer attempted to make the Imperator its more ergonomic mouse over some of the others, but for my hand, the grooves in the mouse for the thumb and other fingers were a little too drastic and did not give me a natural feel while I was holding the mouse. Nevertheless, it was still quite comfortable to hold on to. Like the Naga, the Imperator features a 3.5G laser sensor that allows it to have up to 5600DPI, giving you the freedom to have either a slow or ultra fast mouse pointer in your game. Razer also added a feature to the Imperator that I had not seen before - adjustable thumb buttons. I always kept mine set to the most forward setting, as that's where my thumb is used to finding the buttons.

So if you are looking for a new mouse, Razer may just have the one you are looking for. If you were looking for a new mouse for everyday usage or playing your favorite FPS game, you may want to look at the Imperator. If you are always on the go and traveling, but still want to be able to game in between bouts of work, you may want to look into the Orochi wireless mouse for its features and compact design. And lastly, if you are a person who enjoys playing RPGs, especially MMOs, you might just have to go and pick up yourself the Naga, which gives you a whole bunch of buttons to program you favorite macros. 



Orochi ($69.99)

  • Bluetooth Wireless or Wired
  • 7 Customizable Buttons
  • Weight (Without Batteries)
  • Size

Naga ($79.99)

  • Weight
  • 12 Customizable Buttons
  • Comfortable Design
  • 3.5G Laser Sensor

Imperator ($68.56)

  • Weight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 7 Customizable Buttons
  • Adjustable Thumb Buttons
  • 3.5G Laser Sensor




  • Compact Size
  • only 4000DPI (2000DPI when wireless)
  • Weight (With Batteries)


  • None


  • Ergonomic design is a bit awkward
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