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Razer Destructor Review

Price: $39.99 USD


So you just bought a new, top-end gaming mouse, the ultimate keyboard, and your rig is stellar. But you’re forgetting one crucial peripheral that changes the way you play – the mouse pad. You’ll need a gaming surface that will give you ultimate control, tracking, and speed. Now where can you find a mouse pad that is of this caliber? There is no better place to turn for gaming peripherals than Razer. Razer only focuses on building peripherals to the specific needs of gamers. In fact, it's just released a new mouse pad – the Destructor. The Razer Destructor gaming mouse pad boasts +37% better tracking for laser mice over other gaming mouse pads.

During CES, OverclockersClub conducted an interview with Razer CEO Robert Krakoff (Link) and found out that this Razer Destructor mouse pad was in the making for over two years before it was released! He also mentioned that finding the perfect surface wasn’t easy; Razer went through many trials and errors to arrive to the Destructor’s surface. Razer has dubbed this new surface as “Razer Fractal Technology.” Join me as I thoroughly investigate the new Razer Destructor gaming mouse pad.


Closer Look:

The Razer Destructor comes packaged in a medium sized case that is fairly slim. The packaging proudly displays how the mouse pad provides +37% better tracking for laser mice and +25% better tracking for optical mice, over other gaming mouse pads. On the back side of the package you’ll find various gamers testifying how the Razer Destructor helps their game.



After removing the outer cover, you’ll find an awesome travel case for the Razer Destructor. It’s very sturdy and when you zip the case open, you’ll see just how secure the mouse pad is inside. I’ve never seen a mouse pad come with a travel case but I think it’s a great idea. Sometimes gamers need to travel to LAN parties or tournaments and it’s best to have the surface that you have practiced on and play best on with you at all times.




The Razer Destructor sports a nice gray color with a black Razer logo as well as the mouse pad’s name in black. When you slowly run your fingers on the mouse pad you’ll notice that your fingers seem to fill in the grooves and it almost feels like a very fine sand paper. The back side of the mouse pad features a rubber grip – ensuring the mouse pad won’t slip while you’re using it. I also like how this mouse pad isn’t nearly as big as my previous Razer Mantis Control mouse pad because it frees up more room on my desk. The Razer Destructor is also very thin; it’s slightly thicker than a penny.



Now that we’ve examined the Razer Destructor gaming mouse pad, let’s get ready for some hardcore gaming to test it out!

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  2. Installation & Features
  3. Testing
  4. Conclusion
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