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Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Review


For testing purposes I've used 2 other mice in conjunction with the Razer Copperhead. They are the Microsoft Optical USB 5 button mouse 400 DPI and the Aspire Optical PS/2 3 button mouse 700 DPI. I decided to test it 3 different games, Call of Duty 2, Day of Defeat and Doom 3. The main points if these tests were to figure out, comfort, speed, sensitivity and precision. First I tried the Microsoft Mouse it was big bulky and made my wrist hurt. The sensitivity was too sluggish and it felt like I was moving a rock. The only good point about it was that it was pretty precise. Moving to the Aspire mouse, where they got 700 DPI from, I don't know. I guess for an everyday user this mouse would be perfect but for gaming, it's a definite NO! I've had better results with an old ball mouse. Now for the Copperhead, the mouse moves as if it is on a sheet of ice, I very rarely had to move my wrist. As for precision where you aim in a FPS is where the bullet goes, the cursor does not float, it stops on a dime. I have seen an increase of 10% in my kill ratio using the Copperhead. Here a couple screen shots from Call of Duty 2 and Day of Defeat. The gaming experience with this mouse was amazing it has all I could have ever wanted and more. Calling all gamers! It's time to put down your out dates mice and pick up a Copperhead. Just watch its bite.



I've been using computers for about 15 years now, until last year I didn't know the difference of what a good mouse can do, Tracking, Sensitivity and precision is what mouse technology should be based on. We also cannot forget comfort, to me if I can't grab a mouse with my left hand and fully utilize its resources it's not worth the plastic it was stamped out of. Give, Razer an A+, they took the time and effort to keep everyone in mind. This mouse is a must buy for anyone who wants to have the true feeling of being in the game.



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  3. Installation & Configuration
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  5. Testing & Conclusion
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