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Razer Boomer Speed 2100 Mouse Review

Price: $59.99 USD (Special Price)

Razer is back! They have a new web site and a new product line with a rebirth of the Boomslang mouse. In April 2001 we took a look at the Razer BoomSlang 2000, a mouse that had no comparison at the time, and truthfully still doesn't. That is of course, unless you happen to take a look at the latest creation from Razer, the BoomerSpeed. The new "Boomer" product line has two models. The first one is called the Boomer Control which is 1400 DPI (for the control freaks) and the other is the Boomer Speed which is 2100 DPI. We'll be taking a look at the Boomer Speed today.

Despite having an awesome mouse, Razer has been through hell. In 2000 Razer manufacturing was suspended because their partner ran out of cash and went out of business. Later that year, Razer got a new partner and started spitting out mice again. Even later in 2000 Razer was once again in trouble when Razer's sales partner was acquired by a larger company and was told to ditch the slang.

By late 2001, fans of the Razer had started selling the BoomSlang 2000 on eBay, with auctions going well over $200.00 USD. I was lucky enough to get one when it was around $120.00. Synergy Media took note and sought out the Razer Founders. A month later BoomSlangs were being shipped out in limited quantities. Soon after that problems again arose for Razer, and the relations ship with Synergy was ended.

Fall 2002 saw life again renewed for Razer, and production was moved to China, and the first big orders came from TerraTec, in Germany. This gave birth to the 'TerraTec Mystify Razer Boomslang 2100.'

About a year later, Razer returned to the US (Thank god!), relaunched their website, and announced two new products.

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