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Raidmax Vampire Case Review

Price: $129.99

Raidmax Vampire Introduction:

Today we are taking a look at one of Raidmax's newest chassis in its ever expanding lineup. Raidmax was founded in 1988 with the mission of providing innovative design, excellent performance, and quality products. Its biggest market is gamers that are on a budget, but will not compromise for quality. The Vampire chassis itself falls under the top tier and one of the more expensive chassis Raidmax has to offer. This of course comes with the goal in mind to bring the quality with a low price tag.

During the early years of my computer obsession, the Raidmax Scorpio chassis was everything I wanted and idolized anyone who owned one. While to this day I have never been able to get my hands on one, I have owned my share of chassis created or influenced by Raidmax. Raidmax does not only specialize in chassis, but a wide range of case accessories, along with power supplies, and it's about time for Raidmax to bring another innovative design to the market. Let us take a closer look.

Raidmax Vampire Closer Look:

This time around I am going to try something a little different by jumping right into the juicy part of the review, rather than talk about the box it comes in. Once the packaging is removed and the chassis is revealed, you can see that the Vampire isn't like anything else on the market. The front has five 5.25" expansion bays along with a 200mm fan covering the lower half. The materiel itself is a mix of plastic and off-black rubberized paint along with angled edges to give it that unique look. On the back of the chassis is supplied what should be standard for a full tower. These items include a 140mm fan, ten PCIe expansion slots, and spacing for a bottom mounted power supply. Moving on, the left panel includes a large tinted window with slits to mount up to two 120mm fans on the window; it came as a bit of a surprise, considering very few companies lately have been releasing chassis and options to mount fans on the side panels. Once you flip the chassis around, you can see a clean design brought out by the black paint and front panel adding the third dimensional feel. 












The top of the Vampire chassis has a few hidden gems, which become more present after the initial glance. It not only contains all the I/O buttons, but an assortment of other features like a 2.5" hot swap bay, fan controller, and hidden USB and audio ports. The real prize comes when two screws are removed holding the top panel on, which was very simple to remove. Pulling the panel off reveals support for a 240/280mm radiator, two 120/140mm fans, or one 200mm fan. The panel itself acts as a large fan filter and a unique way to hide LED fans, if installed, to give it a nice glowing effect. By default no fans are included on the top, but for anyone who wants to light up the chassis with good airflow, this is the way to do it.



The bottom of this chassis isn't anything to get excited over, but has some redeeming qualities. Once flipped over the Vampire is held up by four little feet; in fact they are large enough to handle a chassis this size, just small in comparison to the chassis. Under the power supply mount, Raidmax included a detachable fan filter to keep all the dust from entering. Until now I did not realize the importance of having a filter over the power supply. I recently replaced my friend's power supply because of dust build up; it's rare, but the power supply can die or at least break the fan from an unchecked clog. If you happen to have a shorter power supply and are in need of a bit of extra airflow, a 120/140m fan mount has you covered. In all likelihood, even with a shorter power supply, the cables end up blocking this extra fan mount from my experience.

  1. Raidmax Vampire: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Raidmax Vampire Closer Look: The Case
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