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Raidmax Skyline Review

Price: $79.99


When it comes to cases, everyone has heard of the name Raidmax at one point or another. Whether one has been seen at a LAN party or perhaps while building a new PC online, the name has come up at one time or another. Founded in 2000, its headquarters is currently located in California. Raidmax manufactures a range of products, not only computer cases, but CPU coolers and power supplies as well. Raidmax's goal is to consistently offer the best in class PC enclosures and accessories. There has only been one other Raidmax product reviewed on this site, and it was at the beginning of this year. The Raidmax Windstorm earned a fairly good review and I'm anxious to see if Raidmax can prove itself again. The product under the spotlight in this review is the Raidmax Skyline case. It offers a lot of the same features as a lot of other cases today, such as included top and rear exhaust fans and mesh front drive covers. Manufacturers seem to be paying much more attention to airflow today, as they should. As computer power increases, usually the heat they produce does also. The main goal of this review is to test the Skyline's look, feel, ease of use and most importantly how it performs.


Closer Look

The Raidmax Skyline is packaged in a glossy cardboard box with a relatively simple graphics scheme. The front and back of the box feature an angled picture of the case. One is lit with blue, and the other is lit with red. The left and the right sides are identical, which present the different varieties of the case available, options, and specifications. It is not clear what is inside the case, as it was marked in no way. I found that the case did not have the noise-reducing foam included, and was of the blue-lit variety.











As far as packaging goes, the case is presented very similarly to most other cases you buy. The case is wrapped in a soft cotton-like bag first, then wrapped with a clear plastic bag, and finally sandwiched between two fitted blocks of soft Styrofoam. I was not worried about any damage the case could have experienced from the shipping process. Inside the box is a clear bag containing the case's accessories. As always, the case comes with a user manual and a bag of screws. Also included are three pairs of tool-less drive holders for the 3.5" hard drives.



Now that we've taken a look at the way the case is presented and packaged, the next page contains an evaluation of the outside of the case and the features that it offers.

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Setup
  6. Conclusion
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