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RAIDMAX Orion Case Review



In the end, this case really gave a good race for its competition. For the price range on the market, cases at $100 and lower are often not the craziest of cases to play with. After having my hands on some of the upper market cases it's sometimes hard to remember some of the perks you don’t always get with the "normal" budget cases. I have rather high expectations after all the cases that have come to my house and to a certain degree I was rather impressed with this Orion case from Raidmax. I will say, though it's a bit out of timing, that the CM Storm Scout 2 I had here just a couple weeks ago was a much more impressive $100 case. The Raidmax Orion doesn't really fall too far behind the Scout 2, with only space and overall quality left to be desired, it's still a catch. The temperature testing proved its worth, though it's hard to say it wasn't just the three fans included to make such impression – but nonetheless, that is what it comes with. It's nice to know what comes to the door is a cooling beast to begin with; thus, there are no worries in ordering a case this size with proven results. It doesn't act as an oven like some of the smaller cases have, I hate to always refer to it as it is a case I greatly disliked…the Outlaw from Bitfenix…it was the true definition of hardware bake.

Overall, I really did enjoy this case. I liked the blue motherboard tray (I've always been a fan of blue in a case) and all the other blue accents tossed around to make a matched theme. The case was easy to build in, regardless of the lack of space on the rear of the motherboard tray. I won't say that I liked the lack of space, but it didn't end it for me with this case. However, the handles on the side panels and cheap plastic fixtures on the front I/O panel did kick this one down the ladder a couple rungs for me. Other than spinning in circles with the a panel in each hand to feel like a helicopter or carrying them and feeling like you are carrying a brief case – the purpose of the handles is just pointless. The handles get in the way of cables or ports making it hard to "close" them and just add to something plastic hanging off the back of the case. Good idea – poor execution. The cheapness of the front I/O panel makes me fear turning up and down my fans; I really don't want the knob to fall off and leave my fans stuck. Just something slightly more substantial would be greatly appreciated, even at the loss of the fan controller (amazing you can buy a fan controller separately!). But when you look past a couple knocking issues it isn't too bad of a case. The Raidmax Orion is a great case for a build on a budget that still wants to have a little pop of color for fun – neat little case.



  • Cost!
  • Blue accenting
  • Cooling under load is great



  • Side panel handles are pointless and in the way
  • Cheap feel to different parts of the case


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