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RAIDMAX Orion Case Review

Price: $99.99


Raidmax is a company founded in 1988 determined to meet user requirements with innovative designs and excellent performance with quality products. Today they are really known for making PSUs and chassis, but they also have some coolers under development. Many of you may know Raidmax from an earlier development, the Scorpio chassis (go Google it). It had an alien-like eye on the front panel, which although comical now, was a hit in the business then; my old friend had one of these until he finally upgraded just about a year ago. Ugly these days, but I guess it was cool back in '03.

Anyway, Raidmax may have another Scorpio genius in the form of today's standards. The Raidmax Orion, which has a bit of the CM HAF 932-esk look to it, follows in the hits, at least with today's standards. It's black on the outside with blue accenting fans. The switches for the external bays are backed in blue as well. Inside is a little something different – and something I have wanted to do – the motherboard tray is actually in blue, different from the rest of the black innards. The last time we looked at a $99 case it was the CM Storm Scout; let's hope the Orion is ready to compete. Today we'll take a look at the Orion from Raidmax and see what this blue machine has to offer for the blue in BluePanda.

Closer Look:

It has been a while since I've had anything from Raidmax, and actually I guess it would be the first item from Raidmax I've owned (though I did have my friends Scorpio case for a bit after he retired it). The box is rather large, as the prize inside you will see later isn't quite so big. The front has an image of the case in working order with the glowing blue LED fans in the front and looks tall standing there. The background emits an outer-space-like feel to go along with the Orion name – and perhaps if they are as clever as one would hope, the stars are a part of the Orion's Cluster. Either way – it's obvious the case is known as the Orion and has USB 3.0, a fan controller, and a stickle HDD cage from the front of the box.

The back of the box gets us to the details, quickly showing off all the features inside and out. I don't want to spoil them all here but I'll point out a few of the good ones: pre-routed cable management, tool-free installation design, side panel handles, and water cooling support. We'll get to how I felt about some of these later when we open it up, as well as the rest of the features shown here. The two sides of the box were nearly identical. Both show the basic specifications (on the specs page) and either a PLU code or compliant images. My only frustration at this point was the fact that I could only actually use one of the box handles (you'll see why in the next shots).










The box opened up nicely with no problems – I couldn't imagine having trouble cutting open the tape on top of the box, but I'm sure some will…Either way, like I mentioned before, the contents seem a bit small/empty compared to the size of the box. Peering in over the edge you'll struggle to see the top of the case in this first picture (it's really in there I promise). I guess you can chock this one up to the packing company and getting it to your doorstep in once piece, but you may be a bit shocked when the contents are a little small (though good things do come in small packages – we hope).

Puling it out, the case is actually encapsulated in a nice fabric Raidmax-logoed bag and two cardboard padded caps. The caps have specifically glued-in foam inserts for this case. However, the two cardboard caps are solid on the edges, thus preventing you to actually push in the handle holds on the external box – at least without feeling like you might break something. The packing appears to be really nice and if your delivery driver decides he wants to see how far he can throw it – well, you still might get it in one piece. Props to the packing Raidmax!


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: (The Case)
  3. Closer Look: (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Results
  6. Conclusion
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