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Raidmax Narwhal Review


Raidmax Narwhal Closer Look:

Let's start with the top of the case and remove the top filter panel. For convenience, it uses a one-touch clip that retains it to the top fascia. One push and the panel pops out. With the filter panel removed, you can see that the top frame is set up to accept either two 120mm fans or one 140mm fan. That seems like an odd combination. There is nothing wrong with it - but I tried to fit a 120mm and a 140mm and it won't work. Seems like it wouldn't take much to get two 140mm fans in there, but for some reason, the design won't allow it. Regardless, two 120mm fans should be plenty. The filter panel is made from a plastic frame, covered with two layers of perforated mesh and seems to be rigid and robust without being restrictive.




The top cover easily pops off to reveal the top of the steel chassis. With the top cover removed, you can see how the fan mounting frame protrudes up with an offset to accommodate up to a 240mm top radiator. Or if you decide to go the air cooling route, you can still add a couple of fans to the top in order to maximize the case airflow.



Now we can get up close and personal with the top I/O panel. Things here are pretty standard. There are two USB 3.0 ports with two USB 2.0 ports, which are spaced apart and not crowded together. The power and reset buttons are next at the lower left. I usually like to see these two with a little more space between them to avoid an accidental restart. To the far right are the headphone and microphone jacks, and in the middle are the two LEDs for power (green) and hard drive activity (red). Each of the I/O points is mounted to the top chassis member as a separate component rather than being all contained in a modular block.



The four optical drive bay covers easily pop out, leaving plenty of room for up to four optical drives, or perhaps a small refrigerator. The front filter panel also easily pops out with a similar one-touch style of retaining clip. This allows for quick cleaning and access to the front LED 120mm intake fan. The bottom of the case has two vented panels with detachable filters to keep dust from entering the case from below. The four round feet have rubber inserts to isolate vibrations and keep your hardwood or tile floors from being scratched.



The entire front fascia panel pops off, just like the top cover and you can see that there is one included 120mm front LED fan, and below it, there is space to add another 120mm fan. In the background is the rear exhaust fan. Unfortunately, there are no accommodations for a front mounted radiator.

  1. Raidmax Narwhal: Introduction & Closer Look
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