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Raidmax Narwhal Review

Price: $89.99

Raidmax Narwhal Introduction:

Raidmax has been hard at work expanding its line of cases over the last few years. There is a wide range of styles with some priced below the $100 mark, and that keeps money in your pocket for the rest of your build. Raidmax has also grown to supply an impressive line of power supplies, RGB fans, gaming chairs, and also liquid All-in-One (AIO) CPU coolers, such as the Cobra 120 and Cobra 240.

Today, we have a case called the Narwhal. That may seem like an unusual name for a case, I mean, what exactly is a Narwhal? Well, today we also have a quick zoology lesson. A Narwhal is actually an animal - a type of whale to be precise. And not just any whale. The male Narwhal (aka Narwhale) has a single spiral-shaped "tusk" that protrudes from its face. And the tusk is actually a single modified canine tooth. Of course, if you live around the Arctic Circle, you probably already know this. Enough about the animal - let's move on to the case!


Raidmax Narwhal Closer Look:

What do you look for in a case? Functionality? Flash? Maybe a little of both? Cases used to be just a metal box to hold all your computer parts. Today, mainstream cases usually blend flash and function to keep things interesting. The Narwhal comes in black and titanium. At first glance, the silvery finish looks really nice. I should say that it looks like silver to me, but of course, it is actually called titanium. Either way, I am used to black cases, so this is a nice departure and Raidmax really pulls it off. The black top mesh vent and black front panel section compliment the subtle and clean design. It is not too flashy, but it still stands out in a crowd.




The case stands about 20 inches tall, and from the side view, there is a fairly small side window that is nested in a slight bump out on the side panel. The opposite side has the same bump out, but with no side window. Both side panels are made from steel and have a nice, consistent finish. The contoured side panels carry over in one form or another to many of the Raidmax cases. I like the way they look and the contoured shape actually adds to the side panel rigidity/stiffness.



From the front, there are four optical drive bays, each with an easily removable cover plate, and below the optical drive bays is the front mesh filter panel. It also easily removes for quick cleaning. And cases with optical drives are getting harder to find. The trend is moving toward glass front and side panels. So, if you need room for multiple optical drives, this case is up to the task. At the rear, there are eight expansion slots, with one remote slot off to the side. The opening for the PSU is at the bottom, while the 120mm rear exhaust fan is at the top right. Below the fan are three grommeted holes for external liquid cooling.



Looking down at the top you can see the I/O panel toward the front, and the removable black mesh vent. The vent fits nicely with the top fascia. The bottom of the case is vented in two places. There is the fresh air intake for the power supply, and an extra vent to bring in fresh air from the bottom of the case. Both vents have snap-in filters to keep the dust out. There are also four rubber feet at the corners to provide vibration isolation, and the rubber also keeps the case from sliding around on a smooth floor. Now, we are ready to take a look at the details.


  1. Raidmax Narwhal: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Raidmax Narwhal Closer Look: The Case
  3. Raidmax Narwhal Closer Look: Working Components
  4. Raidmax Narwhal Specifications & Features
  5. Raidmax Narwhal Testing: Setup & Results
  6. Raidmax Narwhal: Conclusion
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