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Raidmax Horus Review


Raidmax Horus Closer Look:

By keeping the front simple, Raidmax has kept in line with the budget aspect of the chassis. The door opens from the right and is held in place by two plastic clips. Once the front panel is removed, you can see mounts for two optional 120mm fans. Unfortunately, if you happen to have fans to install, Raidmax did not include any long screws. The M3 screws are easy enough to order online or pick up at your local hardware store. In this case, it is acceptable as it is a budget chassis. 

















Next let us take a look at the side, from top down is the power button, reset button, one USB 2.0 port, headphone / mic jacks, and a USB 3.0 port. The power and reset buttons did not cause me any issues and felt well-built. This brings me to talk about the power and hard drive access lights. Unlike other chassis in the past, the lights did not bother me. However, the lights were just bright enough to let me know it was on and the hard drive was being accessed.


While taking pictures, I remembered how harsh I was on Raidmax for its poor window fan mount design that used square holes for the screw mounts. I was glad my issues were addressed in this chassis with circular screw mounts presented instead.


Inside the chassis was a bag containing all of the screws, along with a few zip ties. The case also includes a paper manual. Due to prior feedback, I have given manuals more of a look over. Last time, my problem with the Vampire case was the lack of information. Once again, not much is different. It only contains six pages of a bare minimum amount of information and nothing really important. In this case, it does not bother me since this chassis does not offer more than the basics of a standard mid-tower.

  1. Raidmax Horus: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Raidmax Horus: The Case
  3. Raidmax Horus: Working Components
  4. Raidmax Horus: Specifications & Features
  5. Raidmax Horus Testing: Setup & Results
  6. Raidmax Horus: Conclusion
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