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Rad Rodgers Review

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It can be really nice to switch things up a bit and go from one genre to another, completely different, genre. This review is for Rad Rodgers, an action platformer with some retro design to it and enough irreverent humor to at least get me laughing at times. Unfortunately it is not a very long game currently, only containing one world, but with the many secrets in the game it already offers some measure of replayability.

In Rad Rodgers you play as Rad with Dusty on your back, except for the few times Dusty needs to fix a glitch in the Pixelverse. Rad is a child and Dusty is his freshly anthropomorphized game console. After you enter the game world, Dusty gives Rad the Bolt Blaster weapon, so you can kill enemies, kill the boss, and kill boxes to collect gems and hats. Sounds like exactly what a game console does.

Even though one of the two protagonists is a child, this is a game for adults, as the M rating from the ESRB and the option at first launch to censor the language indicates. That mature rating is for blood, mild sexual themes, strong language, and violence. I think I would be more inclined to say cartoon violence, but we are still talking about making enemies explode into puffs of blood with a rain of bullets, and more than enough strong language and possibly questionable comments from NPCs to make it a questionable game for a younger audience.

Time to get to the review.




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