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QNAP TS-459U-RP Turbo NAS Review


Additional Utilities:

As well as the handy QNAP Finder utility, there are two other software applications provided by QNAP: QGet and Netbak Replicator. QGet is basically the same as the download manager in the WebUI, Download Station, whereas Netbak Replicator provides additional functionality by being able to schedule backups to and from a PC, rather than another server or external storage device.

When you first launch QGet, you are prompted to add a server either automatically, or manually by IP address or name. You can then provide a user name and password to access the NAS from the program.





With Download Station, you had to save the torrent file first, and then browse to it and start a BitTorrent download. QGet makes this more of a one-click solution as it associates .torrent files with itself, so when you click a torrent link in the browser, it opens it up within the application, without the intermediate save/open step. This is a much more efficient way of launching torrents when you have more than a few to download.



Otherwise, the controls appear to be the same as Download Station. The advantage seems to be that you could add multiple QNAP NAS servers to QGet, and manage downloads on each server from one application.




So, you end up with completed torrents in the Finish List, in the same way as Download Station. The annoying thing is you cannot choose the download destination folder for Download Station or QGet; it automatically generates the download path to be:


So, you end up with a fairly useless extra folder level, e.g.

  "\\TS459URP\Downloads\the_meaty_mcmeat_show_-_meaty_mcmeat_2_back_2_da_hood\The Meaty McMeat Show - Meaty McMeat 2 Back 2 Da Hood"


A small square window hovers separately from QGet, and shows a download progress meter, as well as letting you add download tasks and changing the configuration. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the QGet program as it was lacking a lot of basic features available in other free BitTorrent software, such as µTorrent, which lets you choose download locations, as well as move completed torrents to different locations, while being able to continue seeding.



The other additional utility is Netbak Replicator. When you launch it, it asks you for a shared folder on the selected NAS, to use as a backup destination and source.



After providing a valid login, you can choose local folders and files to be included in a backup.



By default, the program replicates the source path in the destination folder.



You can filter out unwanted files by listing various wildcards in the File Filter.


A schedule backup can be configured, and you can opt against the source path prefix in the advanced options.



You can choose whether or not to preserve the original path when a backup restore operation takes place. The only options for Restore are concerned with what to do when errors occur, or if a file already exists. Overall, while Netbak Replicator appears to be quite functional, it looks like it was made for Windows 95, and the cramped interface made it difficult to navigate the folder trees. The program also causes a splash screen when Windows loads the desktop. This also irked me, so all in all, I would probably use another backup application with more features and a better interface. Nevertheless, it's nice that QNAP provides this software for free, as backup software is often something you would have to pay for.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: PSU
  3. Closer Look: Internals
  4. Installation
  5. Configuration: Initial Setup
  6. Configuration: Web UI & System Administration
  7. Configuration: Disk Management
  8. Configuration: Access Right Management
  9. Configuration: Network Services
  10. Configuration: Applications
  11. Configuration: Backup
  12. Configuration: External Device
  13. Configuration: System Status
  14. Additional Utilities
  15. Specifications & Features
  16. Testing: Setup
  17. Testing: SiSoft Sandra
  18. Testing: Intel NAS Performance Toolkit
  19. Testing: Operation
  20. Testing: Features
  21. Conclusion
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