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LTB Q-Bean U

Price: 119.95


Over the years, there have been many great innovations in personal audio. The revolution began with the Walkman, and then the portable CD player was introduced. Followed by the MiniDisc (which never caught on in the US), and most recently, the popular iPod and Zune. But for those of us audio/videophiles whose collection of media is so extensive that it cannot fit into one device, where do we turn? Our computer of course! Like most of you, no matter how much hard drive space I have, I can always find new movies and music to fill it to capacity. So how would it be possible for us to enjoy all that wonderful media without being confined to one room? Or listen to our music and movies at night without having to keep it down? Looks like LTB Audio thought the same thing and has produced a product that will help set you free. That product is called the Q-Bean. "The LTB Q-Bean Wireless 2.0 Headphone link system lets you move in your world so your music and media can follow."

"LTB® Audio Systems, Inc. has quickly become widely recognized as the true leader in Digital Headphone Technology. LTB®, which stands for Listen To Believe, offers a unique, ever growing line of audio products providing leading edge technology to meet the optimal demands of the latest Digital Media. Our technology focuses on users of Games, and Movies, Music and Hi Definition Audio. The LTB® laboratory implements various key patents and technologies found no where else to create a superior product for consumers with technical advances and function that far surpass standards set by others. Patents like SafeBass® and I.S.C. we developed to add unique value in our products. At LTB® Audio Systems we produce cutting edge technology from the ground up. Unlike many of our competition, our labs develop and design the IC products and circuit modules that we use to solve problems and help us provide a better audio experience. Our assembly line process has no tolerance for quality less than perfect. Our standards are only matched by the upper most top tier headphone manufacturers. This is why LTB® backs each product with a one year warranty from date of purchase."

Closer Look:

Immediately upon removing the plastic wrap from the package, you discover a very unique style of box. The wings of the box swing open, revealing the main components of the package. As you can see in the first couple of photos, the Q-Bean, the earphones, and the puck transmitter are placed on trays that rest over the top of the remaining items.



The package includes the Q-Bean, a puck transmitter, a pair of noise-canceling earphones, a USB charge cord (Q-Bean), a neck strap, the product guide, and a pouch for transportation.



The product guide is very simple and easy to understand, although it is only printed in English. It details all the features, multi-key functions, technical specifications, and the necessary info needed for getting started.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued
  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Testing continued
  7. Conclusion
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