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Prolimatech Panther Review

Price: $59.99


The CPU cooler is by far one of the most important pieces of hardware in overclocking. Without having a well-performing cooler, you simply cannot expect to get the most out of your CPU. Recently, many manufacturers have begun entering the market by distributing lines of self-contained water systems, inspired by custom water loops common to enthusiast overclockers. In comparison to air, it is no surprise that water works as a better medium for removing heat. However, long-time air cooling manufacturers are finding secrets to heat transfer and have developed some rather unique designs to take away all that heat.

Today, we will take a look at an air cooler from Prolimatech, the creator of the ever-popular Megahalems. Dubbed the Panther, it features four heat pipes – at least two fewer than any of their other CPU coolers. Having said this, let’s see how it competes.


Closer Look:

Taking the Panther out of its brown shipping box, we find a shiny black box. It is pretty simple in design, with a checker pattern around the box and a design of the eyes, nose, and whiskers of a panther on the front. The Prolimatech logo is written subtly on the upper left corner, reminding you who the cooler is from – almost like a return address. Flipping to the back side, the design is really no different – just without the Panther face design.









The sides of the box don’t offer any more excitement – one side features just a quick list of the cooler specifications while the other presents the product barcode and a reference to the Prolimatech website for more information (this, of course, is given in many different languages). That’s pretty much it.



Now that I’ve stalled you with the box, I think I’ll be kind and give you a peek at what is inside. Opening up the packaging, we find the heat sink itself, a red-bladed LED fan, thermal paste, motherboard brackets, mounting screws, fan clips, an instruction manual, and an awesome Prolimatech sticker. Quite a bit is packed into this little box – I hope to not have to pack it back up for any reason; it would be like Tetris! Let’s move to the next page and see what this thing really looks like.


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