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Prolimatech MK-26 Review


Prolimatech MK-26 Conclusion:

The Prolimatech MK-26 is a humongous cooler design that also provides huge temperature decreases while operating silently when paired with the right fans. The instructions weren't always clear but covered the main issues so if you are good at putting things together then this won't be a problem. If you are a novice though, you might want to find a friend to help or have a second means of getting help. Installing the heat sinks for the memory and VRM is pretty typical (peel and stick), and only four spring-retention screws hold the heat sink to the card. Despite the massive size, this cooler is completely independent to the system with the graphics card: no cables being ran to auxiliary power or coolant lines or anything else.

Installation was pretty simple — 11 regular memory heat sinks and one short one at the bottom, one VRM heat sink, and six thermal dissipation pads although the stock cooler only showed two spots needing them. Apply paste to the GPU core and between the base and adapter plate, sandwich them all together, and use the washers and foam with the back plate and silver thumbscrews to mount the heat sink. Then hook the fans up if they haven't been already and installation is done!

The size could be considered a con; many cases may have trouble fitting the MK-26 due to its width and/or length. But if it fits it will provide high-end cooling! The instructions had some grammatical problems but covered most everything, although there were some vague spots. More detail may have been nice; someone seasoned with cooler installation should easily be able to handle this but to a novice they are already stressed out with the attempt of installation. Not a big deal just worth noting. Installation was quite a bit easier than the AC Arctic Hybrid I reviewed a while back, costs less, and performance is really up there! Otherwise there really wasn't any cons; the rough machining marks didn't stop the cooler from putting up great numbers, the size is just the nature of the beast, and the manuals were adequate but had room for improvement.

Silent operation, high performance cooling, and a self contained cooling system with high quality fans should last a very long time IF you can fit it in your system!



  • Fits many cards from 3-series to 7-series AMD, 7-series up to  600-series NVIDIA
  • Good clearance over the PCB components
  • Fans can be powered and controlled by the graphics card or fan controllers/motherboard
  • Packaged decently
  • Simple installation
  • Silent Operation
  • Performance



  • Size


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