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Prolimatech Super Mega Review



The Prolimatech Super Mega certainly exceeded my expectations after taking a close look at it and handling it for a while, but I did find the lack of real copper fins a little disheartening, as Prolimatech markets it in a way that would make it seem that they should be solid copper. I suspected this by looking at the color of them, which was a bit of an orange tint and seemed a little unusual for the way copper typically looks. Taking away the copper sections, the Super Mega is nearly identical to its older sister, the Megahalems, but weighs close to 200 grams more. This extra weight makes it clear that the Super Mega uses thicker fins, probably more copper in the base, and overall has more material, leading to an overall higher heat capacity. The Super Mega was not packaged with any fans, which can be both a good and a bad thing. The bad side is that the user has to supply the fans on his or her own, which adds to the overall cost. On the other hand, the good side is that the user may choose exactly what fans he or she desires and take control over noise, size, and airflow. I did discover that with the included fan mounting clips, at least on the fans that I used, I had to play with their position in order to not interfere with the movement of the fan blades. I was able to stretch the clips to the corners and grab ahold of the mounting holes, but wider clips like the ones provided with the Megahalems would have been much more convenient. Overall, the Super Mega does a great job at keeping up the heat from an overclocked i7 processor and maintains some of the best temperatures compared to what is currently available on the market. The MSRP of the Super Mega is a hefty $79.95, though there is no doubt that it does an outstanding job managing the heat on an overclocked processor and would certainly fit the needs of any user with the itch to perform extreme overclocks, taking their hardware as far as today's top-of-the-line air coolers will allow.

***** Update*****

We have confirmed with Prolimatech that the cooler is all Copper not part Aluminum as we first suspected.  After the process of oxidation and baking that gives copper the darker shade so when you scratch the surface with a sharp object or even with a sand paper, the scratched/sanded spot will appear to be brighter (in comparison to the non-scratched area) thus giving the effect of silvery color.



  • Extremely effective
  • Attractive looks
  • Highly solid mounting hardware



  • Price
  • No included fans
  • Apparently uses copper plating on fins rather than solid copper
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