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PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 Myst Edition Crossfire Review

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PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 Myst Edition Crossfire Testing:

Borderlands 2:

Ultimately Borderlands 2 is playable at high settings with a variety of hardware. The HD 7870 Myst Edition in Crossfire fell off FPS-wise sooner than the NVIDIA cards did shown in the percentile chart. Frame timing again wildly varies but is usually less than 10ms from highest to lowest with a few outliers that drive FPS averages. We still see a bunch of dropped frames and runt frames when running in Crossfire but not in SLI with the GTX 660Ti.

















Heaven 4.0

In Unigine's Heaven benchmark the HD 7870 Myst Edition from PowerColor ends up with a lower FPS average especially when you remove the frames not shown on the screen but counted. Frame times are high almost entirely throughout the benchmark in the 40 to 50ms range. When you take another look at the percentile chart, your average FPS is going to be somewhere near the 50% mark showing, on average, the Crossfire combo is worth some added FPS. The run charts show an inordinate amount of runts that act to lower the overall FPS numbers.




Far Cry 3:

As much as I try to like playing this game with an AMD multi-GPU combination, the game play is just a series of jerks as you walk or run around the game. Game FPS performance drops like a stone over the length of the run as seen in the percentile chart with a lot of latency spikes over 30ms in the frame time charts. Again we see a large amount of runt and dropped frames when you compare the runs side by side.




Looking at the overall results you can see the effect of frames that are not seen by the end user or person in front of the screen. In several of the games the impact is not as large as in others for the PowerColor HD 7870 Myst Edition. In Borderlands 2, Crysis 3, and Metro 2033, the loss of FPS is minimal for the Myst Edition cards yet though the rest of the suite you get results that drop the performance down by as much as 45%.


Overall the FCAT testing is an eye opener that explains some of the in-game jerkiness.

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