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PowerColor Devil R9 270X Review

Price: $239

PowerColor Devil R9 270X Introduction:

If you have that feeling of déjà vu, it is because late in July we looked at the pinnacle of HD 7870 performance from PowerColor when we looked at the Devil HD 7870. We found that PowerColor put a lot of effort into a full on custom card that built on the Devil 13 HD 7990 heritage and brought it right on down to the mainstream user. All for $239: custom PCB, 7+1+1 phase Platinum Power Kit, and a great looking tri-fan heat pipe-based cooling solution. What we see with this card is the integration of the Pitcairn core used on the HD 7870 into the R9 product stack to take advantage of the latest technologies from AMD, including support for the latest DirectX API version 11.2 and the newest revision to AMD's PowerTune technology with further tweaks to the GCN architecture.

True to the Devil heritage, this card, the Devil R9 270X, comes with the highest factory combination of base clock speed and boost clock speed on the revised Pitcairn core of 1150MHz with a boost to 1180MGz. By pushing the clock speed up this high, PowerColor brings another level of performance to the table to compete with the best offerings from other manufacturers, all while running cooler and quieter than the reference designs. If the performance of the Devil HD 7870 was any indication, this card should do well for the small $40 price premium over the reference price point of $199.

PowerColor Devil R9 270X Closer Look:

PowerColor delivers the Devil series in a deep velvet black box with blood red accents. The front panel of the packaging has a small clear window that shows off the Devil logo on the inner materials. The back side of the box continues the black and red theme, but shows a breakdown of the cooling solution and the components that make up the Platinum Power Kit Digital VRM package. Inside the package there is a clear plastic shell over the included PowerColor Devil series mouse pad that allows you to show off your support for the product. The Devil R9 270X is packed in a dense foam core that easily absorbs any impacts during transit. 












The accessory bundle for this card is on the slim side, with a manual, and a driver disc that containsthe driver and PowerColor's own PowerTune utility. You get a mini DisplayPort to full size DisplayPort dongle, DVI to VGA adapter, and, the signature piece of the accessory bundle, the Devil logo-ed mouse pad. The mouse pad is more than just your traditional soft pad with a cloth top in that, while thick to provide cushioning, it features a gaming surface on top of the foam.


Big factory clock speeds, solid build specs, and a large cooling solution usually are the recipe for a high performance video card that can handle the latest games in its target resolution. Let's see how this offering from PowerColor's darker side fares in our benchmarks testing. First though we will pull it apart to see just what PowerColor has to offer.

  1. PowerColor Devil R9 270X: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. PowerColor Devil R9 270X Closer Look: The Video Card
  3. PowerColor Devil R9 270X: Specifications & Features
  4. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  5. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Metro: Last Light
  6. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist
  7. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Bioshock Infinite
  8. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Crysis 3
  9. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Far Cry 3
  10. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Battlefield 3
  11. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Batman: Arkham City
  12. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Unigine Heaven 4.0
  13. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: 3DMark
  14. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Temperatures
  15. Powercolor Devil R9 270X Testing: Power Consumption
  16. PowerColor Devil R9 270X Conclusion
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