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PowerColor Devil HDX PCIe Sound Card Review


PowerColor Devil HDX PCIe Sound Card Closer Look:

PowerColor's Devil HDX PCIe sound card is built around the C-Media Oxygen Express™-series HD CM8888 audio processor and is equipped with a Wolfson WM8741 Digital Audio Converter. The parent board is the main attraction here and mirrors the look of the rest of PowerColor's Devil series line up. A EMI shield-equipped shroud covers the audio component on the PCB to minimize or eliminate any signal interference that can compromise audio quality. The rear of the PCB is is pretty clean with just the solder points showing, so there is really not much to see here. The Devil HDX is a native PCIe-based audio solution for use in PCI Express 1.0 (or higher) slot, be it 1x, 4x, 8x, or 16x. Illustrated under the images are the nuts and bolts feature set that help set the Devil HDX apart from your average on-board sound solution.



Audio connectivity for the Devil HDX parent board consists of gold plated jacks including, from the top, a 124db rated 6.3mm headphone jack, left and right RCA jacks, Coax output, and an optical output. The signal through the headphone jack runs through the three swappable op-amps that allow the end use to change the tone of the output. Plugging into the 6.3mm jack, the signal runs through a headphone amplifier that supports up to 600 ohms impedance headphones. At the back end of the card is a 4-pin molex power plug used to eliminate any noise from the PCIe power supply. The multi-channel and HD audio connections to the daughter board deliver the 7.1 sound capabilities. In front of the HD Audio header are a pair of jumpers. These jumpers are used to configure the HD audio connection so it can be used with front panel case ports instead of sending the signal to the daughter board. For the inner geek in us all, PowerColor lit up its logo on the top of the EMI shield so you know what gear you are running. Perfect for any of the current crop of window-equipped gaming centric cases on the market.



The hardware part of the bundle is the main attraction, but to tailor the sound to your liking, PowerColor includes a comprehensive software package in the Xear Audio Center.

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  6. PowerColor Devil HDX PCIe Sound Card: Conclusion
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