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PowerColor Devil HD 7870 Review

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PowerColor Devil HD 7870 Testing:

This third installment of the Crysis franchise, developed by Crytek and distributed by Electronic Arts, uses the CryEngine 3 game engine, and requires a DirectX 11 ready video card and operating system due to its demanding graphics engine.



  • 1x SMAA
  • Texture Resolution= Very High
  • System Spec= High












Comparing the performance of the Devil HD 7870 to the HD 7870 Myst shows that it delivers about eight lower FPS. Bump the resolution up and it steps up to an equal playing ground, it seems, matching the 23FPS of the Myst Edition as well as out performing the GTX 660Ti and GTX 670.


FCAT Results:

The 1920x1080 percentile chart shows how close the Devil HD 7870 is to the Myst Edition during the game play sequence. The frame times show similar spikes and nothing really out of the ordinary. After three runs the GTX 660Ti continued to deliver the same results at 5760x1080. The FPS charts at the bottom represent a 60 second run through the game.


1920x1080 5760x1080


1920x1080 5760x1080


1920x1080 5760x1080

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