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PowerColor Radeon HD 5870 PCS+ Review



In all of the benchmark testing, the PowerColor HD 5870 PCS+ did great! Usually in the top two, it got first place many times as well thanks to the factory overclock. The massive quad heat-piped heat sink also kept the core and card running cool under load even when overclocked. The graphics card easily clocked to 950 MHz core and 1320 MHz memory. After that, 100% stability was not possible, although in some games I was able to play for hours up with the settings at 1000 MHz on the core and 1400 MHz memory - a small voltage bump and this card could reach high frequencies! Voltage control was not possible with any software at the time of testing. The free Dirt 2 game is always a nice bonus but does require internet to download it, although most people shouldn't have a problem with that. All of the features that the 5-series cards share are a great bonus too - such as ATI Eyefinity that allows a resolution to span multiple monitors for impressive gaming and work capabilities, and ATI PowerPlay which allows this card and others to idle at a very cool temperature while using far less power than a card without the throttling would consume. The accessories in the box were enough to get the graphics card installed and running although it could have had a few more items such as a Molex to 6-pin power cable adapter, or other such items. The box was very nice looking and easy to read and understand. Another nice thing was that the card came with protective caps on the CrossFireX connectors and video output options - attention to detail is always a good thing!

It's too bad voltage adjustment wasn't possible with software, as it would have been fun to push the card further. The fan defaults at 50% and runs very quietly, but when set to full speed it could be very annoying in a quiet environment. During game play however, it was easily drowned out by speakers. The card ran cool enough that 100% fan speed wasn't even really needed when overclocked. Other then that, all that was really missing was maybe a Molex to 6-pin power connection for those users who might not have a pair of 6-pins on their power supply handy. Usually customers who purchase a high-end card would have a power supply that could oblige the physical power requirements though.

The PowerColor HD 5870 PCS+ did not disappoint! The cooler worked very well and the card overclocked solidly even without voltage adjustments. And it comes with a free copy of Dirt 2!



  • DX11 capable for new titles
  • Good box and accessories
  • Fan is quiet at default speed
  • Overclockability
  • Running temperature



  • No power adapter


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