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PNY CS 1311 240GB SSD Review


PNY CS 1311 240GB SSD Conclusion:

As a low cost alternative to improve system responsiveness, power consumption, and the overall "feel" of your computing experience, the PNY CS 1311 does what it should. Essentially, it improves boot times and data transfers to make the system feel faster. For the $64 price of admission, it's hard not to like this drive at any capacity, including the 240GB version I have looked at today. Offered in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB, you can find a drive to fit your price/performance budget.

Visually, the CS 1311 drive comes with a carbon fiber look to the front of the drive, so you do not have to hide the drive in your chassis. It's going to look right at home in just about every build. If you decide to hide the CS 1311 drive, its slim 7mm form factor will allow it to more easily fit behind the motherboard tray for a clean look. That same 7mm form factor will allow the drive to be used in today's slimmer portables. If you need to use it, one of the accessories is a spacer that increases the thickness of the drive to fit in a laptop drive carriage. In my HP laptop I needed to use the spacer, but in my wife's newer Dell I did not. Not to drop names, as your laptop will most likely vary from mine and you may or may not need it. PNY includes a key for Acronis True Image that will let you migrate your current operating system disk by cloning it to the PNY CS 1311. I found this easy to use and performed as expected, with the drive posting on the first attempt.

As far as disk performance goes, the PNY, with its Phison Controller and TLC NAND, allow this drive to hit most of the performance points listed in the specifications. Sequential read performance ratings of 550MB/s and sequential write performance ratings of 520MB/s for this 240GB variant were easily met in multiple applications. The only place I really saw any issues were in the IOMeter IOPS testing, where the drive fell short of its performance rating.

As a way to improve disk performance of your laptop or desktop on a budget, the PNY CS 1311 is a great solution. It comes with a three-year limited warranty should something happen to the drive, offering the end user some peace of mind. Need a decent capacity drive on a budget? You cannot go wrong with this drive.


  • Low cost
  • Performance
  • Looks
  • Slim form factor
  • Included accessories


  • None
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