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Plexi Window Kit


First off, I would like to thank PcCaseGear.com for sending out this Plexi window kit for us to do a guide on and review. I would also like to commend them on their super fast shipping. They have a huge line of case modding products and at great prices (AUS dollars).

Today we will be doing a guide and review of the rectangle plexi window kit sold by PcCaseGear.com. When you are shopping for a window kit your going to notice that there are many sizes to choose from. PcCaseGear.com sells four different sizes, and they are: Rectangle Kit that measures 29cm x 22cm, Round Kit that measures 28cm, Large Rectangle Kit that measures 29cm x 32cm, and a Server Kit (L shape) that measures 14" wide, 18 1/2" tall, minus a 5" X 7 1/2" section in upper left quadrent. We are reviewing the 29cm x 22cm rectangle window kit. Installing a window kit in your case will make you the envy of all the nerds at your local lan party events. I'm going to also be installing a neon light in my case, to show off my overclocked VooDoo5 5500 and the rest of my hardware. So why don't we get started!

What you get

Then I measured 3/16" off from that line and made a dot. I did that about 10 times all the way around. Then I connected the dots and made a new cutting line.
*Update* I have found the washer that I lost :) I forgot I went to taco bell to get something to eat and I must have had the washer in my pocket because the washer was sitting in the seat of my car.

Now, place the plexi window where you want to install it. Place the washer against the edge of the window. Then place your pencil point inside of the washer. Keeping the pencil tip firmly against the inside of the washer, slowly trace a line a long the outside of the window. The washer maintains a 2-3MM gap between the window and the outline. This is done so that the molding can fit in place. I would show a picture if I would have had a washer at the time :)

You have it traced out, now it's time to hack your case. Behold, the all mighty dremel!

I use a dremel to do all of my case modding with. If you use a dremel I recommend you use the fiberglass reinforced cutoff wheels, as they will last much longer than the standard ones.

When cutting with a dremel do NOT apply too much force as this will break your cutoff wheels. Let the dremel do the work. If done correctly you should only have to use one maybe two cutoff wheel while doing this project.

Now that's a first! Here I was almost halfway done here, and my cutoff wheel hollowed out. I'm not sure if I tightened the screw too much or not enough. I figured it was about time for a break, as it was like 95�F outside and I was in the un-aircondition part of my basement.

Mmm nothing like BAWLS to quinch your thirst.

Once your done cutting out the window area, remove the masking tape, and carefully use the file or a deburring tool to remove any metal burs that will be left over from the cut. This prevents the rubber gasket from being sliced on a sharp edge and not to mention your fingers!.

The sharp edges that needs to be filed

Now it's time for the rubber gasket installation. Start by pushing the molding around the the metal of your panel window, and continue working your way around the entire window until it's done. Next you can peel off the protective paper that is on your plexi glass. It's a good idea to just peel back only 2 inches or so from the edges. This prevents the plexi glass from being scratched during the rest of the installation process.

The molding should be a little long, just trim off the extra molding with a pocket knife until the length is just the right size. Work your way around the hole, pushing the window into its groove. It might take you awhile to get it just right, as the window needs to be a tight fit.

Here is a pic of the molding on the panel

Here is a pic with the plexi in

Now, you can admire all your hard work! Here is a some pics of the final product. (Neon not included) :)

Yeah, Yeah, I know it looks like a rats nest. That's my next project! Cleaning up the wires, adding loom, rounded cables, and all. My case also needs a new wax job too! You might be wondering why I did not choose to put the window more towards to the left. Well, the reason I didn't is because I would have had to cut out my little case handle thingy, and I didn't want to loose it :)

I will post more pics once I clean the insides up!

This mod is very easy to do and it only takes about 30mins to complete, unless you loose your washer/spacer :) Surf on over to PcCaseGear.com and pick one of these up! A neon will bring your window to life, so pick one of them up while your there too. I wasn't very impressed of the neon that I have. It's not bright at all. I should have gotten a neon at PcCaseGear.com because they sell high quality super bright neons! I'll try and replace mine soon and repost pics. Until next time, be careful, and happy modding!

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